English Department

Udalguri College

Mission & Vision


The Vision of the Department is to develop the department as a centre for academic excellence through literary pursuits, thereby rousing literary sensibilities, language competence and critical thinking.


The Mission of the Department is to offer advanced, career-oriented professional knowledge, employability and life skills, as well as inculcating a vision of community growth and development with strong ethical values. The Department is engaged in providing learning and research opportunities in the following Thrust Areas: New literatures in English, Technology in Language Teaching, Modern and Postmodern Literatures, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Translation Studies, Indian Literature in English and Film Studies. In addition, Skill Enhancement Courses and Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses are offered. The Department employs innovative and technology enhanced pedagogies, thereby building strong foundation of literary sensibilities and language competence. 

Program Outcomes For Graduates:

Knowledge in grammar and usage and linguistic structure of the English language will develop the communicative skills of the students. The course familiarizes students with the main events, conflicts and inventions of Great Britain, to comprehend literary texts written by great writers of English from the ancient to the modern times.

The course will enable students to acquire sound comprehension of social, cultural, biographical, historical background of British and other European literature, American literature, Indian Writing in English. As the course is basically multi-disciplinary the students have a lot of career-options – teaching, News Media, Communication Media, Tourism Industry, as Air Hostess etc. They can opt for further studies in English, Linguistics, Culture Studies, Folklore, MBA, Mass Communication, Tourism, Law etc.

Program Educational Objectives:

The Under Graduate programme in English deals mostly with English literature and its history. It makes the students familiar with different literary genres – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, biography, autobiography, journal, film, plays, etc. Develops intellectual, personal and professional abilities through effective communicative skills.